I'm working on a new project. I'm not sure what it will turn out to be, but I'm not going to lie...I do have some pretty lofty goals for this. In the mean time, if you have had to deal with bad medical care (or know someone who has) because of not spending enough time with your doctor or your doctor blowing you off and ignoring your complaints or dragging out the time between your complaint and me your story. Your story will be confidential, and I will contact you before making any parts of your story public. You can redact names and places if you'd like. Sharing is caring. :)

Lost (thoughts on the outcome of the election)

The most devastating thing that’s ever happened to me was when my Grandpa died. I’m sure if you’ve lost a loved one, you will understand what I am about to describe… The thing that struck me the hardest was the next morning, waking up, and realizing that the world was going on as if everything was normal. I walked out my front door and I had to do some things….I had to get gas in my car, I had to stop at the store on the way to my grandparents’ house. It was absolutely insane to me that no one around me realized what huge loss had just occurred.  Everyone was walking around like life was normal when it wasn’t. I felt a little like that waking up the morning after this election.

The Crazy Year

I want to talk about “The Crazy Year”. “The Crazy Year” is the year immediately following the birth of a child or the ending of your partnership/marriage/relationship that was supposed to be life-long.  It’s the year that everyone goes crazy.

Spinal Fusion Surgery Recovery - 6 month out from L5S1 fusion!

So, it's been 6 months since my surgery! Seems like a good time for a little update.

On Giving to the Homeless

I recently reached out to a somewhat famous blogger/podcaster/personality because I heard some comments from him about his view on giving to the homeless. It really struck a chord with me. His views are pretty common. So I'm posting my letter here as well. Enjoy.

Adventures in Pinteresting - Lemon Sugar Cookie Bars

We had a low key 4th this year with some friends and I was in charge of bringing desert. Not wanting anything super heavy, but also not wanting to worry about anything that needed refrigeration, I started perusing Pinterest and decided on Lemon Sugar Cookie bars. Reviewing a few receipes, I settled on this one from Inside Bru Crew Life How'd they turn out?