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Spinal Fusion Surgery - 3 month out

Some notes on my recovery up to this point:

I had my 3 month follow up last week (which, technically, was more like 3 months and two weeks) and my doctor said things looked "Awesome". As usually, that was a HUUUUGE relief to hear. I'm an anxious person by nature (working on that) and so the entire time between my first post-op x ray and the one last week I was just worried "oh the hardware is shifting" or "what if it's not fusing"....but it's all going well! PHEW!

It's made me really grateful that I got strong and healthier prior to surgery. Looking back several years, when I first had the idea of surgery and my doctor at the time said "You're too young, no one will operate on you", I'm actually grateful for that. I think my recovery would have been much harder if I was weaker and heavier. The first week, especially, would have been so much rougher if I had been weaker. I can't even imagine what those first few steps …