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Adventures in Pinteresting - Lemon Pepper Chicken Thighs

I'm a bit of a Pinterest addict and I regularly use it for inspiration for my weekly meal planning.

Yesterday, I realized I had some chicken thighs in the fridge that needed to be cooked and I had no time to cook them and no idea HOW to cook them.

So I went to Pinterest and typed "slow cooker chicken thighs". One of the first recipes that came up was this Lemon Pepper Chicken Thigh recipe. So I went with it.

This was possibly my biggest Pinterest success so far.

Spinal Surgery - L5S1 Surgery Day (a retrospective post)

Spinal Fusion Surgery – L5S1 Fusion Surgery Day
I’ve never really written in much detail about my surgery day and all the specifics about being in the hospital so I thought I’d spell all that out for anyone curious or wondering what it’s like.

Dave Ramsey, I'm done with you

I've mentioned before, my husband and I got on the Dave Ramsey train last year.

And, from a factual, budgetary view, it's worked out really well. As many of his callers state and as a great deal of the testimony in his books claim, it has indeed felt like we've gotten a raise.

But, OMG Dave Ramsey.

I can't with that man anymore. I just can't.

He's just a terrible person. Just awful.

Spinal Surgery Recovery - L5S1 Fusion Post Op 8+ Weeks

I was meaning to write this last week, when I was officially 8 weeks post op. But now I'm one day shy of 9 weeks post op. But my recovery has tapered off...I'm probably about the same as I was a week ago anyways.

How is it being 8 weeks (and 6 days) post op from fusion surgery? Pretty ok.

I've mentioned before, I think it's really important to hold a positive mind set. The past few weeks have been a test, because my recovery from here has been super slow.

Initially, you just get radically better every day. Every day is some huge improvement and it all seems miraculous.'s slowed down. I've reached a bit of a stasis in my level of activity and pain and improvement.

Good Steward

"Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel" Proverbs 12:10
As a Christian today, I almost always feel that I'm "interpreting" the Bible differently than the masses. But there are certain things that I think are less about "interpretation" and more about willful ignorance. 
I's ignorance that I've deliberately chosen, myself, for a while.
I could list a million verses about our call as Christians to be good stewards of the earth.  But you can go find them....they are there. Google will help you.
At the end of the day, something I've been struggling with lately is this:
Can we, as Christians, look ourselves in the eye and say that God calls us to torture animals in order that we can eat?