Dave Ramsey, I'm done with you

I've mentioned before, my husband and I got on the Dave Ramsey train last year.

And, from a factual, budgetary view, it's worked out really well. As many of his callers state and as a great deal of the testimony in his books claim, it has indeed felt like we've gotten a raise.

But, OMG Dave Ramsey.

I can't with that man anymore. I just can't.

He's just a terrible person. Just awful.

Now, there are a lot of people in the world who are kind of awful and it's fairly easy to ignore them. But what I have trouble ignoring is folks who proclaim their Christianity and justify their actions with the Bible but who are really really just bad people. That's Dave Ramsey.

He's mean. He's a bully. He's cruel. He encourages fighting. He insults people regularly and brags about it. He's deeply sexist and privileged and just has no clue. And he does it all in the name of God and has thousands of listeners fooling themselves into believing that being an asshole is how to be a "Biblical" Christian.

And don't get me started on his subtle brags about his gun advocacy.
Side note: and OMG don't get me started on the caller he had who learned her husband had taken out over 20k in loans TO BUY GUNS and didn't tell her. Because there's good law abiding gun owners for you but thats another post all together.......

This guy needs to stop. But he's raking in the dough pandering to people who want affirmation for being jerks so I have a feeling he's not going to stop anytime soon. And he's got this giant fanbase of sycophants, and he seems pretty deep into his ego so I don't think any reality about how Jesus wants him to live is going to sink in.

But hey, I believe in miracles. I know God could totally turn Dave Ramsey around.

But I won't be listening to find out.

So this mama is in the market for a new personal finance podcast, just because I like learning about that stuff. Suggestions are welcomed.


  1. I started using "You Need a Budget" (app). I mostly like it. It's been one of the more successful strategies we've had in attempting to budget. No podcast recommendations, share if you find anything good :)

  2. Gail Vaz Oxlade is my financial hero, I love her. She doesn't have a podcast, though :/


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