Spinal Surgery Recovery - Day 12, 1 Mile

I walked 1 mile today.

My doctor said that I should aim to working my way up to a mile by 3 weeks out.

This morning, I went for a walk. I was alone so I took the walker. 10 minutes down the road (which was really only a few houses down) I was feeling good and just decided to go for a full 30 minutes which I roughly calculated to be about a mile.

It actually took me 40 minutes, and the last few blocks were slow and tedious and pretty uncomfortable.

And then I had the realization that my doctor probably meant 1 mile TOTAL IN A DAY, and not 1 mile TOTAL IN ONE SESSION.


But I did it so there's that.

Came home with some serious muscle siezing feelings around my incision and hardware. Spent the morning laying down watching HGTV.

I had backed my percoset down to every 5 hours, but today I've kept it right at the every 4 hour mark. I can't say it's super painful, at least not like how it was in the hospital. But today has been uncomfortable.

Add on top of that my back scar feels tight and itchy. It's looking pretty clean and good, though, so I just think it's hitting that stage of healing.


I also spent a fraction of my morning calling the hospital with a complaint about of the PT providers I had in the hospital.

I had a different one every day. They'd come in twice a day, starting the day after surgery, to get me up and walking progressively more each day.

The second day was a nightmare, partially because I had a terrible PT person. She had a terrible bedside manner, she was bullying, she was insensitive, and in hindsite I realize she seemed to really lack an understanding of how my body was working and functioning and reacting on that day she saw me.

She pushed way to hard and way to fast and I think was probably the reason that my entire third day in the hospital I had to have extra painkillers.

Getting home and realizing that she really was terrible made me want to do something. If that woman is going to be like that, they at least need to set her up with less intensive patients. Maybe broken limbs or something. Keep her away from folks with spine surgery.

Anyways, I called and spoke with the head of PT at my hospital and they were incredibly kind and thoughtful and responsive. And I felt a lot better. I really hope no one else having back surgery has to deal with the woman the way I did.

I'm generally wary of hospitals and their procedures and rules. I was worried about being treated like a number, not a person. But for the most part, most all of my nurses were very kind and considerate and helpful and I felt like I got personalized care.

I went in worrying that I'd have to fight for appropriate care, but that just wasn't the case and it was a relief, as far as the nurses went.

But it was really upsetting to have to try to advocate for myself through searing, nightmarish pain and a mind clouded by pain meds with the PT lady. That was really the worst part....I was just such a mess I didn't know what to say or do. And my parents were just so upset seeing me that way that they didn't know what to say or do. It was all a big mess.

In the end, I feel like that lady was the exception for the hospital I stayed in, and that made me feel better today. Hopefully she'll get re-trained or maybe just calm down a little and inject a little kindness into her practice.

Overall, today was a productive day.


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