Adventures in Pinteresting - Lemon Sugar Cookie Bars

We had a low key 4th this year with some friends and I was in charge of bringing desert. Not wanting anything super heavy, but also not wanting to worry about anything that needed refrigeration, I started perusing Pinterest and decided on Lemon Sugar Cookie bars. Reviewing a few receipes, I settled on this one from Inside Bru Crew Life

How'd they turn out?


Another awesome Pinterest win.

These were SUPER easy to make. You don't need fancy pastry techniques or any odd ingredients. I followed the recipe exactly and I'd say the only thing I would change is that it would be helpful to chill the dough before putting it into the pan, because as-is, it was a little sticky and hard to work with.

But it ended up as a wonderfully dense but moist sugar cookie. My favorite kind.

I did the frosting nearly as-is except I omitted the salt and I switched the lemon juice and milk measurements around so it was more lemony.

I frosted and then refrigerated until it was time to go and they were perfect. The entire tray was gone by the end of the night.

I want to try this recipe again with a cream cheese frosting.

Definitely a keeper recipe. Easy, quick, and unique...this one is a great idea for when its your turn to bring a desert to a pot luck.


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